Our Meats


Royal Beef




Ellis Fine Foods are very proud and honoured to offer our customers the Queen's Beef from the Royal Sussex Herd, that graze on natural grass. This gives the beef a fantastic natural flavour, a good covering of fat and marbling through the meat.


We buy the Royal Beef in carcass form, which allows us to offer our customers any cut, on or off the bone, as required.


Popular Beef cuts for Christmas:


Royal Rolled Sirloin of Beef £13.99/lb

Royal Rib of Beef on the Bone £9.99/lb

Royal Rolled Brisket of Beef £4.99/lb

Royal Topside of Beef £5.99/lb

Royal Venison


Happy deer

We are now sourcing all our Venison from the Royal Deer Park, Windsor. The Deer are grazed on natural grass and berries, which gives a full and rich flavour. We buy the Deer in carcass form which allows us to offer our customers all cuts of Venison.


Popular Venison cuts for Christmas;


Royal Whole Venison Haunches £5.99/lb (£13.20/kg)

Royal Diced Shoulder of Venison £4.99/lb (£11.00/kg)

Royal Boneless Venison Loin £13.99/lb (£30.84/kg)

Royal Leg Steaks from Haunches £6.99/lb (£15.49/kg)

Saddles of Royal Venison on the Bone £6.99/lb (£15.49/kg)

Royal Quarter Pounder Venison Burgers £0.99 each

Royal Venison Sausages with Sage and Parsley £3.99/lb (£8.80/kg)