Ham, Bacon & Sausages


Made with pork from our own Little Ellis Farm



Photo of old oak smoked ham on bone from Little Ellis Farm

Our own Bacon & Hams are produced in Chobham, Surrey by “Pat next door”. Pat is 73 and is an expert on curing bacon and ham.


Home Cooked Hams on the Bone
Honey & Apple
Old Oak Smoked
Original Ham on the Bone
£6.76/lb (£14.90/kg) or £1.69/qtr (£1.50/100g)


Home-cured Bacon
Rind-on Special Dry Cure Back Bacon
Old Oak Proper Smoked Back Bacon
Honey & Apple Back Bacon
All at £4.99/lb (£11.00/kg)



Photo of Ellis Fine Foods homemade sausages

Our home-made sausages contain 79% meat* and are encased in natural skins and so should be fried or barbequed.


Special deal on all our home-made sausages: Buy 2lbs, get 1lb free


Ellis Special Lightly Seasoned Traditional

Pork with Fresh Spring Onion

Pork, Tomato and Basil

Pork Cumberland with Sage & Black Pepper

Pork and Bramley Apple (made with our own fresh Bramleys)

Pork , Chilli and Garlic (pretty hot!)


All at £2.99/lb (£6.60/kg).


*Also contains E221