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All our products are local and fresh and healthy



Photo produce on display in Ellis Fine Foods shop

Little Ellis Farm Produce
Seasonal veg including potatoes, carrots, parsnips and onions come from our own farm in Chobham, Surrey where we use only natural fertilizers.


Free Range Eggs
Our eggs are from Chapel Farm in Guildford and from Fenton Farm in Somerset. Fenton Farm keep rare breeds, producing pure white eggs from White Leghorn chickens, good brown eggs from Rhode Island Reds and beautiful blue/green eggs from Fenton Blues.


English Cheeses: Dorset Blue Vinney, Somerset Brie; Mature Farmhouse Cheddar

Welsh Cheeses: multi-award winning Snowdonia Cheeses including Black Bomber, Red Devil, Green Thunder and Pickled Onion.




Our Deli


Photo of sauces and preserves at Ellis Fine Foods shop

We don’t do continental at Ellis Fine Foods, but what you will find is true British produce.


Home Cooked Hams on the Bone: Honey & Apple, Old Oak Smoked or Original Ham on the Bone £6.76/lb (£14.90/kg) or £1.69/qtr (£1.50/100g)


We also produce our own Roast Beef (cooked rare), Rolled Roast Spare Rib of Pork, Roast Turkey and Spit Roast Chickens (hot or cold).


Our Jumbo Sausage Roll has our own Ellis Special Sausage Meat wrapped in puff pastry. Only 99p each.